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motor installation services

So you saw that one of your neighbors installed an automated garage door and you crave it too? If yes then we at Garage Door Repair, Marine Park in NY can help you. We will first analyze your existing garage door then we will tell you if it’s feasible for us to connect it to a motor or not. After that we will help you buy a motor that fits the needs of your garage and is of good quality. You wouldn’t want to buy a motor that fails after a few months, would you?

Our next step would be to check the motor when it’s delivered and as soon as we are satisfied that it’s of good quality, we will start the process of new motor installation. The time we will take to complete the task totally depends on the space given to us (that means no disturbance), the type of motor it is as well as the complexity of your garage design. If you need an estimate on whether we can install a specific motor or not then we insist that you get in touch by taking the information from our contact us page and we will be happy to answer all your queries totally free of cost.